Post-Holiday Cleanup: How to Safely Dispose of Replaced Items

post-holiday cleanup, lansing junk removal

Now that we’re through the holiday season, a lot of us are going through a mix of changes: the post-holiday blues combined with the refreshment of a new year. After the holidays, many of our social calendars clean up, leaving us with more time at home after our daily grind. The holiday season puts many […]

When Your Garage is Everything but a Garage: Clean Up, Clean Out, Organize!

garage cleanout, lansing junk removal

Having a garage is an added bonus for many of us in the Lansing area. Have you thought how a garage cleanout could help you this winter?   Cold winters, wet springs, dry summers, and wet falls. The weather changes almost constantly and it’s not uncommon for us to experience the weather of three seasons in […]

Getting Ready for the Holidays: A Facelift for Your Home

getting ready for the holidays, lansing junk removal

As soon as October hits, we start seeing and hearing more advertisements for furniture, flooring, and electronics retailers and wholesalers. Why? The answer isn’t too surprising: more people want to give their living space a facelift — sometimes a complete redo — in anticipation of having more guests over or simply giving themselves a gift.  […]